Midwest Aortic and Vascular Institute (MAVI) has partnered with Cardinal Healthcare Group for recruiting services.  The Kansas City, Missouri based group is considered the leading Vascular disease treatment institutes in the Midwest.  The group operates out of 5 locations in and around Kansas City, MO, as well as 12 regional hospitals.  MAVI is a physician owned group with a current roster of 8 MDs and several mid-level practitioners.  Joe Goddard, managing partner, Cardinal Healthcare Group, met with MAVI executives recently and said “MAVI is one of the most highly respected Vascular surgery and treatment groups in the Midwest, if not entire U.S.  Their team consists of elite providers.  They practice the highest level of modern medicine.  We’re very proud to partner with them to help meet their recruiting objectives”.

Cardinal Healthcare Group, based in Arkansas, is healthcare provider recruiting and consulting firm that has served about 500 clients in all 50 states.  Cardinal works with some of the most elite names in the healthcare industry, and provides a full-service approach to recruitment.   Cardinal Healthcare Group is owned and managed by Joe Goddard.  For more information on MAVI please visit www.Mavi.Life and for more information Cardinal Healthcare Group, please visit www.Cardgrp.com.

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