By Joseph Ronson

Cardinal Healthcare Group signs client in 50th state. Cardinal Group’s managing partner recently stated ” we are now in all 50 states. With the recent placement with one of our clients in Anchorage, AL, we are can now say we’re truly a 50-state national company. Very proud of my team”.

Recruiting professional Joe Goddard is the owner of Cardinal Healthcare Group, based in Fayetteville, Arkansas. In this role, Joe Goddard oversees the firm’s healthcare recruiting and staffing operations. Cardinal Healthcare Group employs a comprehensive recruitment process to meet your healthcare practice’s staffing needs. The company first creates a profile of your physician or nurse opportunity. Cardinal confirms your goals, expectations, financials, and preferred candidate parameters. It also enquires about the contractual arrangements desired and the communication strategies to follow. Afterward, Cardinal will conduct a thorough physician or nurse sourcing campaign. This is really where Cardinal’s knowledge of the market is invaluable. It knows exactly where to find the best talent to recruit them. To contact Cardinal Healthcare Group, please email

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